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Need Cash and less junk?

If you have unwanted items turn them into cach with a free GoodBuys on The Net Garage Sale Radio classified ad.

Looking for an item?

Tell people what you're looking for with a free ‘wanted' classified ad on GoodBuys on the Net Garage Sale Radio.

Do you have Free Stuff to give away?

Place a “Free Stuff Giveaway” classified ad on GoodBuys on the Net Garage Sale Radio.

How To Create an Ad:

Your ad will be on Internet radio in audio format. Write the text of your ad describing the item for sale, item wanted or what you want to give away. Use as many words to describe the item that can be spoken in a 60 – 90 second time spot. Include the price you are asking or how much you are willing to pay for a “wanted” item. Your ad should include your phone number where people can call you regarding the ad and the city and state where the item is located. You may also include an email address but an email address will not be accepted in place of a real contact phone number. If there is a best time to call include it in the ad.

How to Place an Ad:

By Phone: Call 214-705-2332

Record your ad up to 90 seconds in length when you are prompted to do so. The recorded message you leave will include your ad text, phone number, city and state location and not exceed 90 seconds in length. Your recorded message is what will be aired on the show. We reserve the right to not broadcast, and delete any ads that violate this time limit. If your ad doesn't include a valid telephone number, city and state location or price information it will not be aired.

By Email:

How To Listen To Goodbuys On The NET Garage Sale Radio

Presently we broadcast on BlogTalkRadio. You can listen to our show every Saturday evening starting at 7:30P.M. CST at the following address: .

Show Schedule : February 22, 2014 at 7:30 - 8:00P.M. CST.



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